steppers available in the local market

Hi, I can’t find a KL17H248-15-4A in the local market. Is there any difference in speed, definition or quality if I put a 1.8 degrees motor instead of 0.9 (I have an sbase 1.3 board).


I have these steppers available:











1.8 degree something near or stronger than 60oz/in is all you are looking for.

Do you think this can work?

  • Modelo: JK42HS48-1684-01
  • Nema 17
  • Torque: 4,4 Kgcm (0,44 Nm)
  • Angulo por paso: 1,8º
  • Voltaje: 2,8 V
  • Corriente: 1,68 A
  • Resistencia: 1,65 ohm
  • Inductance: 2,3 mH
  • Peso: 0,34 Kg


Seems okay from what I see.

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I get this engine in 1.8 degrees and also in 0.9. which is better?