Stepper to board cables help.

I have a Rambo mini that I ordered last week. Got it today. Yea! Problem… the wiring that came with my steppers have a different board side plug. I need cables that will fit my steppers to the board. I have attached stepper side end and you know what goes on the other. Are the cables you list for sale the ones I need?

The steppers come with a cable that goes from that 6 pin JST XH to a 4 pin of something with a 2.54mm pitch, like a dupont or JST XH. I believe the wires Ryan’s sells is 4 pin dupont.


Your steppers have 6 pins on both ends? They will work with just four pins but you are going to have to do some “hacking”

They have only 4 pins on the board side. 4 wires run from the 6 pin at the stepper motor to a 4 pin connector at the board. My problem is that the four pin connector is too “fat” fit the Rambo Mini connections.

Oh, you can usually just pull off the black “shields” off the mini.

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That worked great. Thanks.