Stepper Setup


I’m also building an MPCNC.
I still have Nema23 Stepper lying around at home.
I would like to use these (23HM20-0384S).
These have a voltage of 12V, a current of 0.4A per phase and a torque of 0,9Nm.
The whole is to be operated with 12V on an Arduino with CNC Shield and DRV8825.

Now my question:
Should I switch the motors in series or in parallel?

Thanks in advance for your tips.

Greetings daniel

23HM20-0384S-ETC.pdf (128 KB)



There is not a Current version of the machine that accepts NEMA 23s. From the FAQ:

More Power-

-Nema 23’s are no longer supported. They are not needed. The MPCNC uses 2 steppers in the X and Y axis and ran great with small 42OZ/IN steppers wired in parallel. The kits, currently, come with 72OZ/IN steppers wired in series.