Stepper Motors not in Sync

I am working on a ZenXY2 and trying to get up to speed on Grbl. I have my unmounted stepper motors plugged into Bart’s TMC2209 Pen Laser V2.0 board. The ESP32 has been flashed with Grbl_Esp32 cloned from Github. I updated the machine to tmc2209_Pen_Laser_Zen_Sand.h. I tried jogging using ESP3D. I expected to see both motors turn at the same RPM for straight X or Y moves. The X motor is turning faster than the Y. I then swapped X and Y connectors at the board. Now Y is the faster motor. Whichever motor is plugged into connector X on the board is faster. Is this a hardware or software issue? Is there a Grbl setting that I need to adjust?

I haven’t gone through that pen laser firmware you are using, but more than likely it was built with different pulleys on x and y, or something like that… or perhaps the zen xy has non symmetric mechanics idk. Luckily grblesp32 is super easy to
Config and upload. You probably just have to adjust your steps per mm.

I don’t know the mechanics of the ZenXY V2, but I would definitely check your expectation that the two motors should be moving equally before making configuration changes.

I think you’re right that they should be moving at the same rate.

I don’t think there is any way this is a hardware issue. My guess it that it is one the $ config values that is set wrong.

Where did you find tmc2209_Pen_Laser_Zen_Sand.h? It isn’t in the github download. Check if you have any #defines for default microsteps and if there are check they are the same for both X and Y. If you used the pen_laser.h check the default_steps_per_mm are the same for both X and Y.

Bart sent me this link when I got the board.

Microstepping for both axis are set to 16 within tmc2209_Pen_Laser_Zen_Sand.h. Steps per mm ($100 and $101) are equal at 100.

Unless there is a problem with the grounding of MS1 and MS2 the only other thing I can think of is are both stepper motors 1.8 degree per step?

Do both motors turn at the same speed if you double (or is it halve?) $100?

I’ve never used any stepper driver more sophisticated than a DRV8825 so I could well be incorrect in my assumptions in how these drivers are configured so maybe someone who has some experience with them might be able to suggest something.

Both motors are 1.8 degrees per step. Doubling or halving $100 did not solve the issue. I have a new ESP32 coming. FedEx crushed the first one so I had filed a damage claim when it arrived. Hopefully that will fix things.

The new ESP32 fixed the problem. Both motors are now in sync. Thanks for the help/suggetions.

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