Stepper motor size/requirements/recommendations?

Hi all,
I have some spare parts from dead printers and am wondering what the minimum requirements would be for stepper motors?
I was hoping to use 0.9A NEMA17’s from an ANET A8 with TMC2208’s. As the machine only needs to move slowly and is just pushing a magnet and ball around, is it safe to assume it won’t need very strong motors?
Any help/input/experience greatly appreciated.

I am using a couple of super cheapo NEMA 17s that I scavenged from somewhere in one of my tables. I burnt out a motor coil when I accidentally bumped the Vref pot the wrong way and set the current over 400mA. (Fortunately, I have plenty more of them, so it wasn’t a big loss)

They work fine at 250mA, and I am able to move my ZenXY at speeds that are decidedly non-Zen. It’s able to lose the ball on corners when it turns and the ball keeps going straight.

Basically, as long as it is a 4 lead motor that fits the NEMA 17 profile and has a 5mm shaft for the 16T pulley, it’ll be fine. The ZenXY is no torque hog


Im using a nema 17 and a nema 14 that I pulled fro a printer in mine and have power to spare.

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