Stepper motor config - 17HE19-2004S

Hey Guys, can anyone help me with the config for the stepper motors? All I get is them buzzing.

The board is a Jackpot v1.2 with TMC2209 and 17HE19-2004S steppers


I’ve played around with the micro steps but that makes it either make less or more noise…

I’ve tested with 2 other types, 42HS34(L)-0954JA05-D21 and 42HS48-1204JA05-D21, from an old 3D printer, these work just fine…

Something is wrong with the wiring to your stepper, not the Jackpot config.

From the stepper online site:

Please note that the wiring sequence of 17HE19-2004S and 17HS19-2004S1 is different and they cannot be directly substituted for each other.

Do you have the correct motor cable for your version of the stepper (Not the S1)?

I used the included wires, I even tired the wires of the old/spare/laying around steppers. I checked and they are the S version, not the S1.

The left wire is the old one, the other 2 labeled ones are the 17HE19-2004S.

@MakerJim got it! Thanks for the help!

TL;DR: the default wiring on the 17HE19-2004S doesn’t work, the blue and green needs to be swapped.

I de-pinned them and sleeved them individually to test it out, see image, left is working, right is how they came.

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