Stepper motor advice

I currently have two 42BYGHW609 stepper motors from another project that I could use for my LowRider build, however I’m not sure if they’re strong enough. They’re listed as “3.6 kg cm” which is 50 oz in according to an online converter I found.

I know the Shop section has 76 oz in steppers and the Amazon link searches for 84 oz in steppers, however I was wondering if 50 oz in would be enough for the X and/or Y axis at the very least. I do plan on buying 76~84 oz in steppers for the Z axis though.

I would actually put them on the Z. It has the lowest load I would think. The highest load would be the table axis, usually Y.

I plan on using my Hitachi M12VC instead of a Dewalt 611.

I found a post of someone weighing both the DWP611 (3 lbs 9.2 oz or 1.622 kg) and the M12VC (6 lbs 8.1 oz or 2.951 kg). If I’m not messing up the maths, that means the M12VC is roughly 82% heavier.

I did see your video about adding 10 lbs on each side of the Z-axis though, but your steppers are probably the 76 oz-in you have in your store, so I’m really wondering if 50 oz-in steppers (about 66% of the power) would be able to lift a router that’s 82% heavier.

As long as it isn’t 20lbs heavier you are fine. If you are worried then you will need to buy different steppers all the other axis work harder. Again, I do not think you will have an issue.

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I purchased a box of five 17HS19-2004S1 steppers, 84 oz/in.

I have made a few modifications to the LowRider plates to accommodate my larger Hitachi M12VC router by moving the X-axis tubing 15mm away from the center on each side.

My router plate is made for the M12VC base to allow me to remove and install the router more easily for transport, change the router bits, etc.

I will “soon” start a thread about my build with more details, drawings and photos.


edit: for those wondering how I can easily change the width between the SS tubing, it’s because I’m building a v1, not a v2.

Can I use step mottors with this specifications?


Lets just say 60OZ/in and higher are required in a nema17 size. I am unfamiliar with those units but I am sure there is a unit conversion calc that can check for you.

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Those steppers are listed as NEMA 17, 1.8 deg, so a least those specifications are correct for LowRider AFAIK.

You should check if the length is within the limits of LowRider otherwise you might need to modify the side panels (at least for v1).
7 kilogram-force centimeter = 97.21170360283 ounce-force inch.

So as far as force is concerned, if that online unit converter is correct, these stepper motors should be more than okay.

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Thank you guys!