Stepper driver and motor for Mega MP3DP

I built a second MP3DP but this time I expanded the build area a little. It now has a 1/4" aluminum plate that is 13"x13". (I needed this to print props for my Christmas light display). I was able to get the items printed but I have to run the printer SLOW or I skip or miss steps on my Y axis and have to start over again.
I am running a MEGA with a RAMPS 1.4 board and I am currently using A4988 drivers with the three jumpers installed under them. I have a 84 ozin (1.7A) stepper on the Y axis.
I have DVR8825 drivers available but I do not know enough to understand the benefit of using these over the A4988.
Can anyone please provide me some advice on what I can do to help my Y axis from giving me headaches?
BTW - if you are interested here is where you can see my light display

I have not used an a49 in forever, so I can give you some DRV advice. they can handle a bit more current without a fan than the A49, you can usually go up to a setting of about .8-.9V without a fan and that is probably higher than the .6-.7v that stepper would work well with.
If you swap them remember to check orientation that are kinda backwards from an a49 and the step jumpers are different as well. Easier is to just look up the a49 equations, and set them at 85% of your stepper max.

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