Stepover issues

I’m still working on using ecam for my vcarve projects and I’m having i believe stepover issues during the clearance cuts. I’m using an 1/8 flat bottom bit. The pathing is leaving lines between the cuts.

Originally i had the bit set in tools as 3.175mm and it left lines. I mic’d it and found true but diameter was 2.8, even though the cut is measured at 3.175. I changed it in tools to 2.8 and changed stepover from 40 to 10% thinking it withdrawn be slow but effective. No change though.

What am i not seeing?

This might happen if you have a lot of flex or a loose core. Even 50% stepover usually doesn’t leave material.

It is a straight bit you are clearing with, not a V bit, right?

Ya, 1/8th endmill/router. It’s doing the same with both bits. I have the same design done in vcarve, I’m going to run them back to back and see if I get the same results. That should narrow it between machine and software.

The stepover to start should have been fine, the 10% REALLY should have been fine :laugh: I’m working with E12, which is beta and I’ve found a few bugs in it before. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve got another one here.

Adding in here. The bit in the program is an endmill, but that does look like a Vbit clearance doesn’t it? I’ll check the program again.

Well, not the machine. Off to the code…

Yeah, that looks indeed better. :slight_smile:

What did you attach to the router? Looks like a laser??

Looks like a variant of these. They are cool to use as 0/0 mark on the workpiece. I intend to make something similar if I find the time :slight_smile:

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