Steering wheel - 2 sided estlcam carving

Starting with the end result:

This was my first time doing a 2 sided carve in estlcam. I made a separate job which drilled 4 concentric holes in the 4 corners of the block as estlcam thought it was. This registered the cut when I flipped it over pretty well.
It was only after I started I realised my spoilboard had lifted on one side - I corrected it for the back side cut. I didn’t bother with a routing pss just a 15% finishing pass step over, 3mm DoC and 12mm/s feed. Speed 2 on the router which is not only easier to listen to but keeps the chips from flying too far.


Properly flat spoilboard on the backside cut make it properly round all the way.

There was a slit in the grain, I’ve glued it up, in case you’re wondering what the tape is for. This is to replace a steering wheel that’s too big


We don’t see to many flips around here. Looks great, and makes me really really want to try.


Great job

Ah not so great. Today’s lesson is in material selection and the inherent weakness along the grain of white wood.

Still, it’s an opportunity to try it again, slightly beefed up and in plywood this time….


Nice job! But you installed it on the wrong side of the vehicle. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Get you a piece of aluminum! :slight_smile:

Oh no, not got the stones for that, not yet. A year or 2 maybe.