I still have conduit on my MPCNC, but I’m working on the beta low rider HW.

I was looking at steel online, and it’s $20 to ship anything (rigid tubes, duh), so I found a local metal place (a few actually), but I’m not actually sure what size I need. is 60" enough? I need two pieces, right? Is the 0.049" like the suggestions for the MPCNC important, because there seems to be a much more common 0.065"?

I’m getting there. A new calculator soon.

.065" is better for this. the 2 long tubes and 4 short ones for the z.

2x63"ish 4x11.5"ish

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Glad I asked!

Is 304 stainless what was used in the test machine?

90% sure all of mine has been 316

one was from this test,

I bought it all a long time ago so I have the receipts filed away.

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The 316 should be superior as it has about twice the yield strength of the 304. However, it is also twice the price. I’ll play it safe and get the 316. It’s either $72 for two 8ft pieces of 304 or $147 for two 8ft pieces of 316 shipped from for me.

Edit: I forgot to apply the coupon code earlier. It was only $113 shipped.

I don’t have easy access to them either but I will try and do a test as soon as possible.

That quick and dirty test is very easy and reliable for what we are doing with it.

I bought some from a store in town, looks like a chain, “metal supermarket”? It cost $66 for 2 8’ pieces. I didn’t ask if it was 304/316…

It’s got some oil all over it. How should I finish it? Maybe just clean it and apply some poly-something-ane?

It shouldn’t matter the physical properties we are concerned with are almost identical. 316 is just more salt resistant.

Dang it! You all have me thinking about one of these now!

Does the stainless really need to be seamless or is welded OK? (really cuts the price)

Welded should be fine.

Looking to just try something new or do you just want to cut bigger things?

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Good to know. Thx. I’m kinda thinking of cutting somethig bigger. I saw a picture of a cat tree made with plywood that would make a perfect low rider project–and being it’s for the cats, a good selling point for a low rider. However, I really don’t need a new project, ive got so many things to do with the mpcnc and just not enough time!

I think most of us have that problem :slight_smile: we should all put our offers in designing a time machine and solve that problem :slight_smile: