Stats on 23.5 MPCNC Printed Parts

This is the cost and time breakdown for all the printed parts on my Ender 3 S1 and Ender 3 V2 machines. I know this could have probably been done 1000 different ways but it gave me very smooth, nicely fitting and high quality parts. I used these filaments:


Nice! I tracked mine similarly.


I tracked mine as well but its a Voron V2 so slightly faster. Just under 80 hours.

This sounds like a thing a Brit would say… slightly less… 140 hours… :joy: Impressive speed, really.

LOL I have one too. I thought I was being all OCD and stuff.

Personally, I appreciate the space this forum provides for many people, including some like minded OCD very/overly detailed oriented folks. No idea if this results in group therapy, and/or worsening our condition.

Appreciate seeing these details. Cheers!

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I’m pretty sure it’s group therapy + commiseration + bad influences all in one!..and I’m deeply thankful for it. Lots of wonderful people on here. You can’t say that about all corners of the interwebs (I’m looking at you Facebook).

This cracks me up as I thought I would be alone in this.