Starting my first CNC - The LR3

Hello Everyone!

I ordered the parts from Ryan for a LR3 several months ago.
At the same time I ordered a Prusa MK3S+ kit. I’ve been getting the 3D printer dialed in and I’m at the point to start printing my LR3 parts.

About to start printing the LR3Core, 15-hour print with my DiamondBack .6mm nozzle.
Printing with Overture PLA Pro.
35% infill as recommended.


The LRCore print is complete. I have a few layer alignment issues.
Anyone see any issues with the print?
I will continue printing the other parts and then begin assembly.




Looks pretty good to me. It isn’t a pretty as some, but it looks functional. There looks like there was maybe a clog about 1/3 of the way up? Or maybe something shifted w.r.t. the bed and the print.

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Thanks Jeff!
I’m still working out the correct solution for feeding the filament into my enclosure. I believe that is causing the shifting.

As for color, I agree. I should have looked at some of the nice color prints others are doing and picked a nice color scheme.

I add a teflon tube with an ID of 1.75mm mounted rigidly to the frame and going all the way to the extruder. That makes the extruder head movement not pull or push on the filament. Only the extruder feeding pulls on it. That helps keep the extruder head steady. You still need a reliable way to hold the filament roll. For a long time, the “through axle” kind would get tangled when the spool was almost full. And the “bearing on the rim” kind would sometimes lift the spool off its mount when the spool was almost empty, so I used both.

The current one is an axle, but mounted against the frame, so the loops can’t come free on their own. That seems to be working in all cases.


Looks good to me! On mine I updated the bowden tube to the high temp teflon PTFE and changed to a metal extruder top. These two have made things a lot smoother for me, but I am still learning and experimenting with printing.

Thanks Jeff! I have created a RubberMaid dry box like these:

I just finished printing a reverse bowden filament sensor cover that takes a PC4-M10.
I’m going to run the Teflon tube from the drybox right into the extruder.

Thanks Adam!

Adam, when you say a metal extruder top, are you talking about PC4-M10 connectors?

I dont think so it is a spring loaded feeder that goes on top of the extruder motor. The original one was plastic and has a lot of issues and give so the filament does not feed consistently. I also changed to a PEI flexible bed that was a great change I have had no issues at all with prints sticking to the bed and very easy to remove them.

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Still printing my parts, going well!

I submitted a pull request for the docs, feel free to reject.
Just a bit of language clarification on wheel choices.