Starting A build - Anything Wrong With My Table Plans?

I want to be able to do full 4’ x 8’ sheets so my plans for a table are to build it with the top out of two 5’ x 5’ sheets of baltic birch, this will give me a 5’ x 10’ table. I know this is a few inches wider than called for on the pipe/table calculator so I will have to cut the pipes a bit longer. I will want to put a spoil board on top of the baltic birch, I’m considering putting threaded inserts in the tabletop.

If I can figure out Fusion 360 I could even have the lowrider cut the holes in the tabletop as well as the spoil board, then when the spoil board needs replacing just put a new sheet on top and run the hold cutting job.

There isn’t much clearance on the LR. The closer you get to the bottom the better.

If you put a thick board between the bottom of the work and the plane the wheels travel on, then the gantry will not be able to drop all the way (and you are losing a little rigidity). If you put big handled clamp screws into threaded inserts, the gantry won’t be able to avoid hitting them.

I have my wheels riding on the spoil board and when all the way down, I have less than 1/2" between the 611 plate and the spoil board. I also just use screws directly into the workpiece and into the spoil board as clamps. I sometimes have the screws go into another board as clamps if I don’t want to screw through the work piece.

You might consider making the surface that the wheels ride on also at the same height as the spoil board. Either as longer pieces that are on the outside, or having 5’x5’ spoil board.

I want the option to use the table (spoil board) surface for other projects. Where do the long axis (Y?) belts end up? Are they on the side of the table or the top?

They are on the side of the table.

I also use my LR2 table as a general purpose workbench and find the belts don’t get in the way much…

There’s a very handy pattern function that works great for stuff just like this. You can do both circular and rectangular (think spaced grids) patterns well with it. I might suggest using the lr2 to center point the hole’s location though rather than having it drill/cut all the holes however as that would take a very long time on a 5x10. Once you have those dots on the spoil board you can hand drill the rest of it easily. Good luck.