Squaring Lowrider Gantry

Hey all! I got my machine up and running, but now that I’ve been using it I’ve notices two problems. My gantry does not drop evenly when turning the machine off (the left side in particular, which has the circuitry on it) and there is a gap on the front of the machine (where the gantry meets the wheel holders) when the back is gapless. This is causing stair-stepping when I surface my spoilboard.
Are there things I can adjust to solve this issue? Thanks in advance!

I have the same issue with the gantry not going down evenly. This is my thread: Gantry not going down by gravity

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If you adjust the four fasteners that hold the vertical tubes to the X axis it adjusts the height of the X rails to the table. If you tighten the top two screws and loosen the bottom two screws the X rail moves closer to the table.

If your gantry does not drop by gravity its not a big deal. Mine does not drop, it can barely push it down by hand and its not causing any issues.


Ok, that’s good to know I don’t need to worry about the gantry dropping.

Here’s a picture that can better explain my level issue:

So if I were to adjust this to bring the front tube down, you’re saying I need to loosen the bottom screws and tighten the top ones?

If you tighten the screw with the red line a bit and loosen the screws by the green line (two screws each) the rail.moves down slightly. Also, just my personal opinion but you should level the rails to the spoil board and not 3d printed parts. Some people have success but I just wanted to eliminate a tolerance on mine. There should be a thread here called “tramming lowrider” where I showed how I did mine

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Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll look for your thread. I’m not necessarily trying to level my machine to the printed parts, I’m just trying to eliminate the stair-stepping my machine is showing when surfacing the spoilboard. It seems the back rail is lower than the front.

@RobP I think I found that thread. It says to lower to Z, loosen clamps, then re-tighten. If it persists, rotate the tubing. Does that mean to just rotate a single piece of tubing, or am I grabbing the pair of them and pushing one down while pulling the other up?

I didn’t rotate any tubing, I used the level and the Z homing on my machine. I did one side at a time and then went back and checked it. It’s a delicate game and you don’t need to adjust the screws much

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Ok. I think the article I found initially wasn’t the right one, but I did find one you posed on about 4 days ago (How do I tram the LowRider) so I’ll give that a shot. Thank you!

No problem, I would have linked it but I wasn’t sure how

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You might have built in tension in the tubes too. Just loosening and tightening the parts that wrap around the tubing might make that go away.

Thank you for this it never would have occurred that that small of an adjustment would make such a difference.