Square Z


How do I square the Z axis?

Obviously there is some wiggle room when you mount the sensors, so how do I make sure they are aligned correctly?

(Yes I know I can flatten the spoilboard, but want tondo this after an almost perfect setup:)

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With Marlin, I used a touch probe at X=0, then set Z to some known value, and go to the other side. Measure the height for Z there (you can jog downwards at 0.1mm at a time, for example) until you touch the spoilboard. That will give you an amount to adjust rhe Z end stops.

RepRap firmware has a function to probe and just report the height without adjusting the Z, so I use that with my LR3 now.


And it is as simple as that. Thanks!

I just read that it might work with an SKR pro too. So added something to my to do list!
Is there anything different on reprap worth noting before trying it out?

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For Marlin, on dual-endstop firmware, you use G38.2 for probing. It does not reset the coordinates, so, in Marlin mode of your display, you can directly read the coordinates. Or you can query coordinates using M114 in any mode.

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good to know!
I always use touchscreen operation, going to try the other one too

so, adapted the limit switches a bit.
Now I got a very (very!) stupid question :stuck_out_tongue:

One side is ±87,2725 ~ 87,28 and the other is 87,2825 ~ 87,28.
Is it worth trying to correct the 0,0075mm? Is suspect not but being a perfectionist it is hard to let go :smiley:

I’d probably let it go for a while… then fix it. Mostly because I can. This would be a good place for M666.

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Thanks for the suggestion, maybe I should indeed focus for now on other things!