Square Spindle

If you move forward with the 7.5KW spindle, I love to hear about how it turns out…success or failure. Before upgrading to Nema23/32/34 motors, there are a couple of things you can try. First you can go with 1-start lead screws for the Z axis. This should give you a 4X increase in lifting power. Second, run your machine at a higher voltage than 12V (if you don’t already).

You should be able to mill out an adapter plate. One set of holes to attach to the lr3 core (maybe countersunk to prevent interference) and another set of holes to accept the bolt pattern of the spindle.

Some problems are easy to predict, like the Z motor strength, and some are maybe hard to predict. Lr3 uses gravity to hold the y axis straight, and acceleration could possibly cause the whole thing to topple.

Once you attach it, you will know for real.

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What do you mean by 1 start lead screw?

I’m already going to be making some decent changes to it since I plan on really utilizing the 6020 extrusion on my y axis. I’ve got a bunch of polycarbonate v wheels I’ll probably use.

I assume the 44lbs is the vfd+spindle.

For me i can visualize how things will go together but taking weight into account is a whole other matter. As I said the thing is already shipped so just have to take a look and return it if needed.

It’s definitely a lot beefier than I was expecting that’s for sure :> :parrot:

Made first aluminum plate for lr3, fucked up countersink for c rail so gonna need to do another. But it came out quite nice. I screwed the plate down, then cut the holes, then I put 3 screws into some of those holes to keep the part in place while I cut it out.

And added my parrot with v bit while I was at it :>

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Ok think it might be too big. This thing is a god damn monster


Wrt 1-start vs. 4-start, take a look at the posts at the end of this topic. As for the weight, since your spindle listing only included the shipping weight, I did a search for the weight of 7.5KW spindles. The pages I found had weights between 14 and 18 kg…roughly 30 to 40 lbs.

I honestly would be concerned that as soon as it would start up, the rotational forces would flip the gantry off of the table.

I was thinking rip the plastic in 2, but that is an interesting concept as well!

Yeah definitely too big, all are valid concerns. Gonna return it. It’s a god damn monster.

How about this guy, he’s only 3” wide

Consider making a Core X Y Z CNC where the table moves around a fixed monster spindle :slightly_smiling_face:

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So whatdo you plan on doing?? Cuttingsteel?

Whatever I need to, I was told 2.2 might have issue with facing bits.

That monster would cut through anything I’m sure. I don’t even know how I would even go about mounting it on a gantry

Where is the advice coming from?

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A real man doesn’t settle for less than a 7.5 kW vfd on a 2 ton machine to hog out steel pockets 2" deep, 1/8" stepover at 300 ipm.

Which is to say, a real man doesn’t get anything done other than looking at magazines and fantasizing.

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Buddy whose a machinist, he’s got like all the toys though. Last thing I saw him make started with 80lb block of aluminum. He’s uh… a bit hardcore to say the least. He’s got haas and tormachs, and just got his 5 axis going. He’s looking to get a datron cube I think it was.

I don’t need anything so hardcore though. Will that 2.2kw fit better?

I do want to look into that different lead screw still though. Right now on my lr2 if gantry is too far to the left the z seems to not hold and will come spinning down.

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“Hey buddy, how was the weekend at the track? Set any more records? Great! Say, I was thinking about maybe giving the lawn tractor the once over, since it hasn’t seen the working end of a wrench in a few years. Any tips? A blower and supercharger, you say? Hmmm…”

Lol crazy part was it got machines down to like I think it was 9lbs. Would send pics but can’t because of nda shit :<

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So that 3” spindle should fit ok?

The only spindles we know work are the routers we have tried (the makita and the dewalt). I was sure the 6" one wouldn’t, but I don’t know anything about fitting or using a 3" spindle.

Thanks jeffe, it seems I will be the test subject for it then :>

I will let you guys know how it goes once I return this god damn monster