Square a lowrider3

I measure a difference of 20mm. Is this normal? If not how can I optimize this? My workvolume is 850mm by 1600mm

20mm sounds too much. Already seen LR3 Docs > Initial Squaring ? Took me a while to figure out how to square my build, I sped up video (too fast?) so people don’t fall asleep watching me fumble my way through the build 17:47 Initial Squaring


Yes, you should be able to easily get it under 2mm, under one takes a couple tries. At 20mm off you are probably going to need to move one of your Y min belt blocks.

A cheat is putting a square on your Y rail and project a line all the way across. That will get your y min blocks real real close. The Y rail is the truth, not your table. Build a square table, then mount the rail as square as you can, once that rail is down the table edges mean nothing.

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Which measurement is off by 20mm?

O, this is a nice tip…gonna try this when I’m home

I used a drywall square and pencil to mark locations for the front and rear blocks to make sure everything was parallel and perpendicular, before I even screwed anything down. Than I screwed down the front left and front right blocks, redrew the lines to account for being slightly off, then added the back ones.

I ended up 0.8mm out of square on the first try , on a 850x1700 build

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Me too! I think this might need to get added to the instructions. It works so well.


Its maybe a strange solution buth it worked. Moving the blocks did not very much. So i put them in the original positions and added 1 washer (front screw) at the right side of the x axis between the xz plate and the brace. Now I have a difference of 4mm

M666 will do this automatically but I think you might want to physically move your Stop blocks a little closer first. 4mm offset is kind of a lot of twisting. Should be more accurate with a smaller M666.

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