speed plate hole size

What is the dimension of the holes at the corners of the speed plate? I am using an 1/8 inch bit and it’s too large to stay inside the hole in estlcam.

It’s a 1/8" hole. Quick hint, hold the middle mouse button to drag a measurement line. That looks like you clicked hole instead of drill.

Thank you Barry. I did click hole instead of drill.I

If it’s an 1/8 inch hole wouldn’t the bit simply go straight down to bore it out? I don’t understand why it looks like it it will create a larger hole than the drawing indicates.

I guess that means the other holes are larger than 1/8 inch.

Right. Hole will make the bit follow inside the line, but since the bit is bigger, it kind of explodes. If you click drill, then the three point selection it will drill straight down the center. The other holes are like a half mm larger. I forget the exact size.

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The drill option in estlcam did the trick. Thank you for the advice.

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