Sourcing help in Germany


so I tried building my own SandTable. I thought how hard could it be, ordered some hardware and got to designing a gantry.

Then I noticed that while the basic gantry design is super easy, doing the whole belt routing thing was a bit more complex. And then I noticed that I ordered all the parts I have in sizes that aren’t common (10mm rods instead of 8mm, for instance)

Then I found the ZenXY and started looking, but I’m having quite a bit of trouble with finding the EMT conduit, and was wondering if anyone in germany can recommend a place to source it, or a good substitute.

Our electricians all use plastic conduit, so the very easy way is out already :smiley:

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Oh, can’t post links, its a 25OD, 19ID aluminum pipe " Riggatec Alu-Rohr Rund 25x3mm Länge 1,5 mtr." on german amazon

Im a bit weirded out about the use of 25mm vs the 25.4 that would be entirely correct, and I don’t know if the wall diameter is small enough or if it could cause chafing of the belts

I think the ZXY is more forgiving to tubing sizes than the MPCNC. But I don’t have the tubing sizes to try.

Okay, will continue to look for the thinnest walled material I can find

In the Build size calculator it say something about x rails, small - y rails, large

Is that a different diameter or whatever, or just a note that one should make the X axis shorter than the Y axis?

Hornbach has got pipes in inches: rohrnippel kaufen bei HORNBACH
I bought some of them for my pipe clamps. :slight_smile:
Und nein, ich habe keine Ahnung, warum die Dinger Nippel heißen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you, will check them out
Main thing I’m worried about right now is the inner diameter of those pipes, wouldn’t want the belts to get torn.

I think the miniscule difference between 25 and 25.4 can be dealt with relatively easily

The ZenXYv2 has 2 different size tubes. In North America those are 1/2" conduit and 3/4" conduit, but there should be an alternate set that uses 18mm tube and 25mm tube which you able to get. That should be an obtainable standard size tube,

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Ooooh, so there actually are different diameters per version, thank you

I thought it were several different versions for whatever size one can find the easiest.

Now I’ve found an amazon seller that has both 25 and 18mm aluminium pipes with rather thin walls, so I ordered a couple metres of pipe from them.

Very much looking forward to the more fun part of building it - actually building it, finding out how thick the table needs to be etc

Any recommendations for minimum thickness/distance between the bottom and top of the sand chamber? For a 10-12mm ball

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I bet aluminum will work for the ZXY. The bearings on the MPCNC can crush them. But the poly wheels should break before the aluminum.

IMHO, glass up to about 6mm thick is the best. It doesn’t sag in the middle. The glass I use is from ikea and it is 5.4mm thick. The magnet/ball have plenty of pull.

Oh sorry, misunderstanding.
I already have glass, though I think I might have chosen 8mm. Both for the top glas, and for the bottom (based on Arrakis 2.0). I meant the distance between the two glass plates, the depth of the actual sandbox.

I can’t really make it too deep, eventually it just becomes stupid looking, but I can make it too shallow. Might cause BakingSoda to stick to the top glass, or something.

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I havent really found a lot about sensorless homing, except that the typical PCB hardware used doesnt support it

Ill be using a manta m4p, so sensorless homing is a possibility and now was just wondering regarding the mechanical aspects of the build - do they survive sensorless homing?

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Are you putting LEDs in the table? If not, the ball plus 25% it probably fine. I can’t think of a reason it would be a problem to make it smaller. I have LEDs above the ball surface and below the glass. So I haven’t tried making them too close.

I am guessing 8mm is good. My table isn’t huge. So a larger span would need thicker glass.

Have you used arthritis homing before? It has to really come in quickly and got the edge hard. It is a little tricky to tune well enough to be reliable. But it will work. The zen plans use optical endstops.

I think i will eventually.

This whole thing started with me buying a bunch of magnets, ordering 2 glass plates of identical size at 100x50cm, and then i bought some wood planks

I do not expect this iteration of the table to remain as it is for long, and i dont think ill bother with led in that stage

If its enough to troubleshoot anything i need to know, like glass thickness, spacing and mounting of stuff then my local carpenter can build me something nice looking afterwards that just fits the mechanics and leds and stuff

Oh and i havent tried sensorless homing on corexy yet, only on bedslingers, due to possible jankyness with repeatability

Whoch isnt an issue with this, since repeatability is irrelevant and if things go as planned it only homes like…once a month, and otherwise just works