Something wicked this way comes


So I guess it’s time to get some stuff done with the Primo…


Wait, I thought you originally had a Primo then converted to a LR?

What wicked is coming?

Yup. I still have the Primo, too. Now there will be a Primo II.


So you’ll have a Primo II, too. Nice to hear.


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A Primo Tutu?

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I had actually only int3ended to re-build the corner pieces. When I originally got the printed parts for the Primo, the belt holders were really tight in the corner pieces, so I was going to reprint them in preparation for (finally) cutting down the size of my Primo.

I’ve decided that maybe I’ll print most of the parts, and leave the Primo assembled for as long as possible.

It really makes me shake my head when I look around at my parts bin…

  • I have 3 rolls of 608 skate bearings, plus a bunch of loose ones from disassembling the LR2. I think I have enough right there.

  • I have a box of 5/8"x1.5 bolts, and locknuts.

  • I have 5 84 NEMA 17 motors.

  • I have an 8mm 4 start leadscrew, and couplers.

  • I have a box of M5x30mm screws, and locknuts.

  • I have a bunch of 1" steel tube, plus leftovers from the LR2.

  • I have a Duet 2 Wifi board.

So once I print the parts, I think I’m good to just build the machine. I might be short a few odd pieces here and there, like I’m not sure if I still have 44x 5/16" bolts and locknuts or 60x the M5 hardware. I might also be short on the idlers, but these are all fairly inexpensive. The pricey stuff is already here. It so happens that I also have a spare spindle/router even.

Anyway, the primary use case I’m thinking of for this is where I really want the extra rigidity that a smaller form factor can give.

Honestly though, I don’t need two…

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@SupraGuy what size are you thinking?

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Initially, I was going to go with 18x24, but Im thinking that may still be bigger than I need. Anything at that size or larger is probably in the LR3 territory.

I think the gains in rigidity may be starting to be diminishing returns below 18" regardless.

18×18 is probably large enough for whatever I may need. I will want to be able to cool stuff too, air blast at least, maybe water, so I’ll have to be careful about what I make the surface with, or plan on really disposable spoilboards.

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I didn’t need a second printer… but here we are! :smiley:

I don’t “NEED” a fourth printer…