Some shrinkage going on

Well, finally shrinking my mpcnc. Going from 24" x 36" working area to 18" x 18". It is shrinking due to two factors. First, the flex mid span from using 3/4" emt was annoying me (my mistake over building the size with the 3/4 emt) and second 90% of what I do fits in the 18x18 area. Plus, I’ll gain some table space for tools etc. Also will take the opportunity to add in the endstops which have been sitting in a bag for two years… then will finally rewire the steppers to take advantage of auto squaring. The motors are currently wired in series. Took this opportunity to also disassemble everything to clean and inspect for cracks. No cracks were found after over two years of heavy use. The only casualty was one of the manual endstops that triggers the endstop switch. Snapped it in half trying to move it, oops. Put a hose clamp around it for now… once the wiring is extended and hooked up, update the firmware and start cutting again! Will also build a new enclosure around it. The old enclosure didn’t do much for noise, but definitely contained dust and chips.

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