Solved - Cold temperature warping

As it gets colder here and I print in a cool garage, when the temperature in the garage dips below 15 degrees C (59F) my prints all warp. I even watched one part warp as I took it off the build plate. I changed 3 things in my standard process for cold weather printing. Yes I know I should really only change one at a time to figure was is really going on. In any case I added a 10mm brim to all parts, increased the hotend temp from 195 to 210 and closed the doors on the printer enclosure. I use the cold hotend to measure the ambient inside the enclosure and the bed heater heats the chamber by about 5 degrees C. I also make sure that the first layer sticks to the build plate and wait to remove all parts until they have cooled sufficiently. Results have been great with zero warping. Hope this helps out the garage printers out there.

Yea, having your printer in an enclosure really helps. It’s almost a must if you’re printing in high temp plastics like abs and nylon. I have a cheapo “kitchen window” thermometer hanging in my enclosure. My bed temp is almost always set to 60 degrees science, and the enclosure stays around 80 degrees American.