SOLD: Primo Full Kit + Spindle & Extras (only $450 + shipping!)

Selling my primo kit + some extra goodies. Purchased 18 months ago from v1 engineering and due to some health issues (bad back) I just haven’t had time to finish it. As you can see from the pics its in perfect condition since I never actually finished setting it up. I’m quite a bit into this financially ($800+) and just looking to make someone a good deal. 100% perfect condition, no parts missing, and packed up and ready to ship today.

Please note: I’m including the metal rails but shipping will be expensive. 1" steel with .120 thickness so its very sturdy. If you don’t want them just let me know.

If close to Cincy Ohio area i’m willing to drive 30 miles to meet someone.

Full Kit Details:

Price: $450 + shipping (shipping should around $100 without the rails) but will charge actual shipping

Cut size if rails are wanted: X = 36" Y = 24" and Z = 5"

  • MPCNC Build Kit - Primo Version × 1
  • MPCNC Printed Parts - 25.4mm -1" - Primo × 1
  • Rambo Electronics Controller V1.4
  • Machifit ER11 Chuck CNC 500W Spindle Motor with 52mm Clamps and Power Supply Speed Governor
  • Collet set for spindle
  • GT2 10mm Belt × 2
  • Wiring Kits - Series × 1
  • SD Card 16GB × 1
  • Full Graphic Smart Controller, Big × 1
  • MPCNC Printed Parts - 25.4mm -1" - Primo × 1
  • Drag chain

Assuming due to my first post I cant link or upload pictures. Please message me your email address and I can provide my google docs link with plenty of pictures.



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This is SOLD