SOLD: MPCNC Primo $200

Brand new built MPCNC. Cut capacity is 12”x24”. I built this a couple of weeks ago. I made a few cuts with it. I have attached photos of the cuts. There is an issue with an error code (I’ve attached a picture of it). I have little experience with computers and control boards, but I do like to build things. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about the CNC process before building this. I got in over my head and I am trying to sell this to someone who can use it.

Local pick up is preferred, if not I can ship it. I will need to calculate the shipping based on where it needs to be shipped to.

It’s a shame to throw in the towel so soon. Especially after the time and care you’ve already put in to the project. I’m sure someone can help you sort out that printer halted issue pretty quickly. I seem to recall it popping up in the past. I’d really encourage you to let @jeffeb3, @barry99705, @vicious1, and/or some of the others help you get sorted before you kick your Primo to the curb.

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If you want to get it going we can get you sorted out for sure.

That error happens when you try to home from too far away, or a temp error. Either way we can get you going, but if you want to sell it, no hard feelings.

I appreciate the offer to help, yall have put together a really cool product!

I would like to sell this one. I have enjoyed putting this together and learning about the CNC process. With the number of hobbies I have right now, I don’t have much time to focus on the CNC.



Where are you located? I’d be interested if you’re not too far away. I’m in NW Oregon.

Mike B.

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Someone will be very happy. I hope it is someone closeby. That is a good looking machine.

Go Dawgs

Pipe diameter? If they are one inch I don t need them. I am overseas and would be cheaper buy them here than the shipping cost
But we have only one inch pipes…….
Would you ship it to Miami, Fl?

I am located in Huntsville AL. I can get a price to ship it, but I think it would be expensive if I ship it fully assembled. I can get a price to ship it disassembled without the conduit. (This is made to use with 23.5mm, EMT conduit). Would you be interested in me pricing this?

Hi. I’d be interested in this(shipped, not local.)
I’m in FL as well. Zip is 32907.

Can be disassembled for shipping with or without the EMT.

Can get it off your hands as soon as possible.

It would be more expensive to ship with the long EMT runs. Would you like me to price it without the long EMT runs? I’ll leave the Z-axis fully assembled.

Email me at:
I can discuss the shipping and everything with you.

This has been sold.

ahh shucks, I missed out. I am also in Huntsville, that was a steal!

Can I ask what electronics box and screen host you printed?