SOLD: MPCNC 29"x24" for sale. Stainless 1" tubing, DFW TX

Hi everyone,

I built a MPCNC back in 2018 as a way to get into the CNC hobby. Now that I’ve prototyped some parts I want to produce I have upgraded to a Shapeoko, and it is time for me to part with the MPCNC. It has fairly light use and it is ready to plug in and work, I can demo it for you or send a video if you want.

  • It is sized for a cut area of 29" x 24".
  • Tubing is all stainless steel, 1 inch OD x 0.085" wall thickness.
  • Printed parts are all PLA printed by me. It was printed on a beginner printer and I would probably recommend you reprint at least the Z-carriage eventually. The Z-axis is a degree or so off. But it will work great to get you started for now.
  • I bought the full kit here from V1 Engineering.
  • Ramps 1.4, Marlin pre-flashed, dual endstop capable.
  • No router included. I used the DeWalt 660 and the brackets for that are included.
  • I have been running it off Win 7 using Repetier Host.
  • Enclosure, table, and slotted toggle clamp plates not included.

Asking $300 with local pick up only. I’m open to reasonable offers. Location is Plano.

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This is now SOLD. Thank you everybody. And thank you Ryan for sharing the design. I would recommend this project to anyone wanting to learn the ropes of the CNC world.

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