(SOLD) Lowrider2 for Sale - Indiana

I am looking to sell my full LowRider 2 as I have run out of room in my shop.

What is included:

  • All Printed Components
  • All Flat Stock Parts
  • All needed hardware
  • Stainless Steel Rails (Purchased from Speedy Metals)
  • Synthetos gShield v5 with GRBL installed and setup for the LR2
  • V1 Engineering Wiring Harness
  • V1 Engineering Power Supply
  • Unistrut Rails
What would still be needed:
  • DeWalt 611 Spindle
I estimate I have about $620 in my setup, looking to get ~$500 + shipping, O.B.O.


Additional photos

Additional additional photos


Where in Indiana are you? I’m on the Northeast side of Indianapolis.

I’m interested in getting started in CNC, and might be able to justify this as Father’s Day/Early Birthday present. Especially if I can avoid shipping cost.




I am located in Lafayette, so not too far. Why don’t you shoot me an email at pix2proto@gmail.com and we can discuss it further.

Hey Mike, I sent you an email. Thanks. I’m interested.

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Yes, it is still for sale. I have sent you a response e-mail. It looks like shipping the long tubes would be prohibitive and even then the shipping cost for the rest will be costly. Let me know.


Is this still available? I’m in Indy and am very curious about this machine. A friend of mine recommended it to me so I am just now researching. Thanks a bunch.

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Yes, I still have the lowrider 2 available. If you are interested, you can shoot me an email at pix2proto@gmail.com to discuss.


Mike, what size is your build? I’m interested, and coming from KY so it’s far but not too far.

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Thank you for reaching out. I apologize for not noting it on the forum, but Drew has put in an offer at this time. If something falls through I will let you know.


Drew has decided to go a different route for his CNC purchase, so this Lowrider 2 is still available if you are still interested. I had the LR2 setup to have a 4’x4’ build area to be able to do 1/2 sheets of plywood and not taking up too much room in my shop. Please let me know if you have any more questions! You can also reach out to me via email at pix2proto@gmail.com



This machine is still available if anyone is interested

Sending email now.

Thank you all for the interest – the LR2 has been sold.