SOLD: Full Primo Kit 23.5mm For Sale

I’m selling my almost complete Primo kit that I built a few years ago. I printed and gathered all these parts just before our first child was born, and then it sat in my closet since unfortunately. I’m looking to sell these parts as I just don’t have time to assemble and use them anymore. Everything is ready to go except the conduit, so you still get to size the final machine as you want.

I’m pretty proud of the print quality as well, as I spent considerable time calibrating my printer before printing these parts. It was all printed in PLA+.

Here is everything included:
Full set of 23.5mm printed parts in blue PLA+
Full build kit from V1e
Archim2 Controller w/ mechanical endstops
Graphical Display Kit from BigTreeTech
Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router

Full parts list is over $700 and I’m asking for $500 with free shipping to the CUSA. Can send more pictures on request.


Listed on eBay as well: MPCNC Primo Complete Kit | eBay

Lowering my price to $400

SOLD as of today.