SOLD: 23.5mm Primo

I have a semi-assembled Primo that I’m looking to sell. It works fine, I just don’t have time to dedicate to it. I built it last September and has sat in my garage unused for several months. I ran a handful of cuts this weekend and everything worked with no issues.

Asking $250 + shipping

Message me and I can send pictures.


  1. 23.5mm printed parts
  2. Primo build kit from V1 shop
  3. 500W Spindle with power supply
  4. Creality 3D V1.1.4 control board with power supply
  5. Various endmills
  6. touch plate (never used)

Where are you located? Local pickup might be more attractive than having to ship.

I’m located in Central Arkansas. About 30 mins north of Little Rock.

What size is the build area? Im interested.

I had it on a 40"x40" table.

Hi, I live in the Houston area. The 23.5 is based on readily available us conduits correct? If I buy it, I would probably get the conduit here. It looks like everything else would ship in a couple of boxes. Shipping would be to Zip code 77389 (Spring, TX).

Do you have enuff info from me to get a shipping quote?

Tim Webber,

I bought my conduit at Home Depot for about $20. That should be enough info for a shipping quote. Let me find a box and I should have you one tomorrow.


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I am currently GRBL based on my 3040 Gemitsu clone.

What software mix are you using? I am a beginner Fusion 360 person. I do sign design in “InkScape”. I use “Easel” for Tool path, etc. I send the “G” code with Universal G Code Sender.

Hope you are having a great Day. Tim

The quote for USPS shipping would be $35 for two boxes. one is 11 pounds 13 ounces and the second is 9 pounds.

I’ll do $275 including shipping if that works for you.

As far as software goes I only used Adobe Illustrator and Estlcam to create 2d pockets. For controlling the machine I played around with both octoprint and cncjs on a raspberry pi.

David, I am going to give you a tentative “YES”. That is very fair. I will discuss with wife and a firm response in a few hours.

I can use something like “Yelle” from my bank for the funds. I may still have paypal - not sure. What is your pleasure?


I have cash app and PayPal.

I am off to a Christmas Party for my Wife’s church group. Can we chat about 7PM?

Sure no problem.

Wife said yes and then went to bed! (Church Party???) Anyway, I am retired. Can you send me a somewhat itemized statement from paypal? Secondly, can the shipment be insured and tracked?

I will check tomorrow on the status of my PayPal. Never heard of “Cash App”. Amazon has jaded my commerce transactions :rofl:.

When do you anticipate shipping the order?

Thanks, tim

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OOPPPSSS, I just saw the “inventory” list at the top of the ad. That will be fine.

Would love to see any more pictures you may have.


I have heard from you for a while. Is everything OK? I am still interested in the deal. Hope to hear from you soon. Tim