Software help.. for picture to a cnc cutout

i was hoping to find some sort of software or instructions
on how to go to a picture to cnc

i have a 96 x 8 x 1.5 piece of wood
for the garden im trying to have the negative spaces cut lower so the logo will stand out…

but im lost … lol so ive come to bug you guys

this will be my first run with the lowrider…

You should really get your feet wet with something a little smaller so you can iterate quicker.

For something like that you will use the pocket command, alot. I use estlcam. You can get super fancy and use a vbit and vcarve in estlcam with a tool change to get sharp corners and a faster pocket.

lol i knew i bit off a big chunk before i could chew it all lol …

would you reccomend any documentation or vids i could watch to get my feet wet

i thought since the wood and picture were so big i wouldnt need a small bit

thank you for replying btw very much

Well, here is the easiest way to do it, Estlcam pocketing strategies - YouTube

Here is the “right” way to do it. Estlcam Carve tutorial (English) - YouTube, this size would be good to learn with.



im understanding things much better from those two videos alone!!

but now ive run into new problems lol
so ill create a new post

? I didn’t delete anything…that I know of.

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