So what about a spindle....

I’ve been digging in with Aaryn in the laser world but for me, it seems like maybe a spindle is the better choice afterall. For those of you that have use the DW660 and a spindle, how much noise difference is there? I’m not trying to quiet down for the neighbors or anything and I’ve been grabbing my chainsaws in the shop while babysitting cuts anyway so the muffs are on and the tunes are rocking. It just seems to me that a bit quieter would be nice. I can run my Makitas without hearing protections (working ice) just fine so I assume the bulk of the noise comes from the DW?

Are there any benefits to a spindle other than noise levels? Are they stronger and allow more aggressive feed rates? Do they have greater longevity? Wider assortment of bits and better collet setups? Quick change would be nice.

The 500w spindle I have is quieter, but other than that, it’s kind of a toss up. You lose some height because the collet holder is bolted to the end of the motor shaft, so it sticks out farther. I could see it as a plus for you because it doesn’t blow air through the motor for cooling, so it won’t ingest any water from the ice carving. It also won’t be blowing warmish air on the ice.

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I think the spindle might be an “also” addition now that I think it through. It seems to me that it would solve the issue I have with the Dewalt and I wouldn’t have to make up a mount for my Makitas - my ice carving bits can fit the 1/4"/6.5mm collets.

Has anyone ever devised a quick release tool mount for the MPCNC? I’m thinking something like a pintle and gudgeon setup to hang the tool and then maybe a couple of set screws to lock the pintles and perhaps a top mount with some handscrews?

Steppers are cheap. Just make a whole new Z assembly.


Well that’s smart thinking…thanks! I was just thinking I should be running the printer today. :slight_smile:

Any recommendations on cutting and splicing plugs for the leadscrew stepper? Or just stick with what I know works for me?

So now I stumbled across this reference to the power output of the spindles vs the DWs…

What is the actual noise difference between the two? Is it actually worth it? Maybe my Makitas ARE the better plan here for the Z Axis tube clearance issue the spindle would solve for me. As mentioned I can run those without any hearing protection concerns. Then again, I have never checked the power output of my Makitas vs the DWs (although I think in terms of wattage they are the same).

My conclusion on this thread: I’m sticking with the Dewalt. I may look into speed control for it but it seems like unless I want to try to get something bigger like the Kress mentioned in the thread below a spindle would be a downgrade. Back to the original plan of printing a mount for my Makita when using the MPCNC for ice carving.

Kress are awesome, but holy cow are they expensive to import, and you’d need to wire them 220.