So no more LCD controller?

I’m fully excited about having the new jackpot board. Today in fact, I am putting it all together on my LR3. However, my favorite item from the Rambo / Archim2 set up was the little LCD screen - I’ve just gotten used to it.

So now with the jackpot board, am I to understand I need to plug in a PC/laptop and control it via Estlcam/Fusion360? It’s not an issue, more than I’m looking at the jackpot board and not seeing plugins for the LCD screen. This will bring up a separate issue of learning for me to deal without that LCD screen. It does however make sense why the jackpot 3D print box does not have cleats set to receive the LCD screen.


Use any web enabled device you have with wifi and sign into the FluidNC SSID (pass 12345678). Your device is now the screen no wires. So cellphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, you have full control of the board and machine this way.

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@vicious1 when was the last time someone said you’re brilliant?


Well, you should do something brilliant to get that to happen!

Seriously! I think this Jackpot board is a game changer! So versatile! Well done!

Hope you love it!

You can also use something like this if you think the microsd is too fiddly



i have my design comp setup to send and edit as i cut so when i find the errors i can correct them without leaving the room so wifi sounds good i have not set up the board i received yet but have finished all the cribbage boards for this batch as will give it a go. can the extra driver be set to have different steps per MM than the rest of the drivers?

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