So my big 48" Magnabend arrived (electromagnetic brake - sheet metal bender)

Since the patent expired, some years back, the inventor of it had made the plans for it publicly available. I considered trying to DIY it, and obtained all the details, but it’s not my wheel house and I figured I’d spend more trying to make it than just buying it. Speaking of which…

As far as I can tell, all the American companies you might want to buy one from (Baileigh, Eastwood, etc) are all importing from a Chinese company, and slapping on a healthy profit margin for doing so. Since I’d be getting the Chinese made one anyway, I cut out the middle man and imported my own (from the same company that makes it for the American brands).

The cost savings was considerable, and the only downside is the time delay for the freight transport of it. It took a total of 2 months and 3 weeks for me to get it.

Having my own company (LLC filed with my state) was a bit of a help in getting it imported.

I just got it in. I have not yet had time to even get to assembling it. Here’s a pic:

PS: this is the same machine (but with a different paint job) that James of recently got and showed off on his YouTube channel. He paid for the Baileigh namebrand, which means higher price but faster delivery, and presumably support that is more local. However, I gotta say, the manufacturer in China has been super super helpful, conversing with me in English, and answering all my questions both before and after the sale, and replying very quickly even with multiple videos to explain things.

PPS: I got every last thing shown in the image, which is a full compliment of all the extras that some of the American companies make you pay extra for.


That looks really fun!

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If your idea of fun is having fingers that bend in new and interesting directions. And maybe an odd number of them while we’re at it… :smiling_face:

But seriously, I’ve seen so many videos of people twisting themselves into pretzels trying to get a particular bend into metal, and I keep thinking to myself “Dude, you have automatic, shop-wide dust collection; go to HF, and buy a cheapo hand brake, the time you’ll save vs. rebuilding a jig to hammer over a 36” section of sheet metal will pay for itself the first time you use it."

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Exactly. And you can’t even believe how much this magnetic thing can do that normal metal brakes cannot do. Until you watch or read and then you realize, my goodness this thing is unrestricted where normal brakes are unable to do that!