Small aluminium profile based construction of MPCNC

My new small version of MPCNC. Controled by Arduino 2560/RAMPS 1.4. Spindle - nameless 500W (0-100V) from China.

[attachment file=“20170610_112506.jpg”]

[attachment file=“20170611_075111.jpg”]

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Very nice.

I like the white gt belts, and the laser sight, and the connectors and the toggle clamps…

What is the inductive sensor for? I see you also have endstops.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for comment :slight_smile:
Yes, I use endstops - inductive sensors for homing (Xmin, Ymin), mechanical switch for max positions (Xmax, Ymax).

Many clever mods on your machine, I particularly appreciate how you made the cable management (lots of custom designed parts to attach the wires and the cable chains), it’s very clean and of course, the extruded profiles of the structure are the best part… I wish I can switch from wood to those soon!

Please share what you made with it so far!
I’m curious about those spindles, are they powerful enough to mill aluminum?