Slowly but surely getting there

Ive been wanting to make one of these since building the LR3 with all the

bits ive been getting. Now i can keep them organized


That is so clean! I really dig it.

I made something much less complicated like that at a previous job by hand on a knee mill. That took a crazy amount of time to do, and mistakes were made. That one…is flawless.

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This is the second try lol. I used a 2 flute downcut for the first with multiple stepdowns trying to ease into it but didnt turn out good. This one i went with an 1/8" compression bit with one pass at whatever depth each part needed at 15 mm/s and came out great. I think compression bits are my favorite so far lol

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If there is a particularly chippy wood I would just leave a bit more for the finishing pass, but still use a single flute upcut for speed. That manufactured wood should not have any chipping issues though. I scream through that for the LR3 plates (13mm DOC) and use a single flute upcut.

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Have you gone faster than 15 mm/s?

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This is 22, Workflow of a CNC project - LowRider CNC v3 - - YouTube


Super sharp looking!! Nice!