Slant 3d

This is interesting! 15 bucks a kilo for filament!

U.s. made. They think they can get 10 bucks! Ryan they have 3kg spools, werent you wanting that?


Yup, need to give it a shot now. They beat my current supplier by $1/kg and they have 3kg spools. Thanks for the heads up!

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Calling it Tangled Filament is a stroke of genius. That is a great pun.

Unless it’s “Truth in advertising.” Then it’s a disaster!

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That’s part of why it is so funny to me. I hope someone calls support and complains about the tangles and the support person says, “It’s literally called Tangled Filament”. And I also hope that makes everyone hyper aware of never tangling it.

I’ve seen there videos and I hope they are able to pull off what they are going for

I’ve been buying Elegoo off Amazon for sub $15 a roll here lately for certain colors. It’s nice for just BS prototype parts or stuff you don’t care about color but do care about function lol