SKR1.3 help

I’ve got a skr1.3 on the low rider CNC and it’s working great. Just wondered whether I could add an extra extruder to this board (external extruder board) like these
I was thinking of turning it into a 3D printer/CNC in the future and wondered whether it was possible with what I’ve got! If not would I upgrade to the skrpro?
Thanks in advance

The SKR 1.3 already has two extruder outputs so you shouldn’t need to add another, unless you have built your machine with dual endstops?

Yep I’m using the 5 on the board. X Y X Y2 and Z2. Is there any way I can add an extruder aswell?

Yes you can add an extra driver via exterior board. You just need to reassign 4 pins on the aux port for the driver control in the pins file.

I have a 8pin tft connected to the skr1.3 (taking up all the pins)
Is it possible to connect this to the 5 pin output above and have the extra driver in the aux port?

Here is the skr1.3 pins. Could anyone help out?

Personally I’d use the EXP2 header if you aren’t using it for something else. You can use 3.26, 3.25, 1.31 and Gnd in a row on that header.

Do you mean use it for the driver extender or the tft?

TFT needs serial connections. In this case they’re provided by Aux1 or TFT. I believe both sets of pins are connected together, just in a different pinout for different TFT screens. For EXP1/2 if you’re not using it for a LCD display, you can reassign the pins as needed for additional drivers.

Great I’ll reassign the ext pins for the driver extender

I’ve bought this board. Where would I connect the power supply pins from this to the SKR board?

I’m using this video as a reference

The 9V/Vin should be connected to the 12V input power going into the skr.

The 5V needs to be on the SKR board. Probably the easiest is to use the 5V and Gnd on the servos pin. It is highlighted in the BLTouch page in these instructions:

It kind of depends on what other things you want connected though. If you don’t have an LCD, but you do have a BLTouch or other servo, then you can get 5V from the LCD connectors too.

Thanks! Thanks makes sense. I’ve defined the pins on the code and I think I’ve done this right. Do I need to change the number of extruders one the configuration.h file or keep it as 1? Also are there any other places which need to change in the code?

I’ve tried to get this to work however the external extruder is spinning as soon as I power the board up and doesn’t turn off. Any help with this would be great :slight_smile:

Is your step pin used by something else? You need to disable whatever other thing it was doing. Same with the enable and direction pins.