Skr1.2 and marlin help plz

Hello all I am looking for some kind of walk through for the installing of marlin firmware and the tft35.
Never really thought this would be my stumbling spot but here I am.
I have the skr board plugged in and jumper is set for USB power.
I have no as loaded and plugged it into computer.
Downloaded the latest marlin fw and I have opened the folder within vscode.
Now I am kind of confused it appears that marlin fw is some huge firmware with a lot of different possible jobs. I am just wondering if there is a certain link or something that can describe this a little better. It seems every board is a little different and I see some ramps setup etc. Just don’t want to start in the wrong spot and learn that and never use it kind of thing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I managed to get this far but I can’t seem to get the firmware.bin to change.
I copy the firmware.bin and then put it ?
I tried onto the sd

For the SKR Pro board, the ZIP file V1 provides already has the compiled firmware, so unless you need to make changes, it is safest to just use the firmware provided by V1. With the control board off, put that firmware on an SD card and put that card in the SD card slot on the SKR Pro (not the TFT). Boot the SKR Pro, and the firmware should be flashed automatically.

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Thanks for the input much appreciated. Unfortunately up here in Canada it takes forever to get stuff from USA and the duties make it quite a bit more expensive. So I didn’t buy from v1. There prices are definitely on point just slowly built this piece by piece like the cheap bugger I am over the year.
Will try some more things tonight like format my sd amd maybe try the one from my printer.

If you have the skr pro (even from somewhere else), it still is flashed by putting the .bin file on the sdcard. It doesn’t flush over usb.

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Thanks Jeff for the help, I assume it’s like upgrading the firmware on my 3D printer ?
Probably have too large of a sd or wrong format. I hope it’s that simple, such a wild program with so many possibilities.

You don’t need to build the .bin file yourself. There’s a pre-built .bin file available for free download here on the V1 Docs site even if you bought the board somewhere else. Note that I’ve linked to the general firmware page, you should find the specific file there depending on your board and whether you’ve got dual end stops or not.


Thank you very much for the link. I thought I had searched that whole site but I clearly must have “man looked “
So many things answered from that one link.
One thing remains for me tho.
Is this marlin program installed out of the factory on the skr pro 1.2.
And essentially all I am doing is uploading a update that will make marlin setup for Cnc dual end stop ?

With Marlin, some of the settings can be modified by gcode commands and others have to be set in the firmware before it is compiled. The V1 firmware is a full version of Marlin that has been customized with the settings that are appropriate for the particular V1 machine it was built for.

Generally, when “flashing” the firmware, you are completely replacing whatever was on the controller before, not layering a new configuration on top of a base layer.

If you just need to adjust a gcode-based setting, you send the gcode command to set the parameter, then once you’re sure it’s what you want you send another gcode command to save that setting so it becomes the default when the controller is restarted.

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Thanks a lot for all the help I have made some progress.
I was really stuck on thinking I had to flash the board to accept the firmware.

Now to finish the wires etc.
Do these really have a issue with noise ?
I have some shielded wire at work just wondering if that really is a concern etc.