SKR V2.0 Problem

I have been through two different SKR 2 boards lately. Both have only lasted for less than a minute before something smoked. I’m frustrated with these boards. I’m thinking of putting my low rider away for a few months until I can find better built boards.


Obvious, I know, but you’ve checked that there aren’t other wiring problems? Short circuits anywhere? Nothing wired up backwards?

Are you able to identify what smoked?

I triple checked my wiring. The first one powered up fine. All the end stops reported triggered or open when pressed. My X axis moved 1cm in the correct direction so I homed it and that worked perfectly. When I tried to move another axis that’s when the smoke came out. I returned the board to Amazon. The replacement started out the same way. Except X wouldn’t home and this time the puff of smoke came out of the cpu. I’m wondering if I just got two lemons?? I will update this if and when I get a board that keeps working.

The cpu on the second one. I think Q2 on the first. It’s the transistor near the power connectors.

Remember that a lot of time “from Amazon” is really “from who knows where, who sells through Amazon.”

You might be getting someone else’s returns or seconds without realizing it. I’ve definitely received “new” items through Amazon that had clearly been handled by someone else before they were sold to me. I’d consider returning, instead of exchanging, and looking for a verifiable supplier. That may still be through Amazon, but you’ll want to be able to tell exactly who is selling to you.

That’s great advice. After the second one blew I did a quick search for someone selling other than Amazon. Most are sold out. I’ll wait awhile and maybe soon supplies will replenish and I can get a good board.

There was a hardware issue with the v2.0 rev A boards that they would fail in spectacular ways if something like a driver was installed backward or something. I didn’t pay much attention. But I know the rev b came out fast, and the problem it solved was something to do with an electrical failsafe.

I wonder if the low stock means the leftover earlier versions are now bubbling up.

The ones Ryan sells and the ones we have firmware for are the v1.2. I haven’t ever gotten my hands on a 2.0.

I was very careful to ensure I was getting rev b boards. The latest one even had the updated cpu. That’s what blew out. I’m very aware of problems with backwards drivers and made sure to check and recheck before plugging them in. Since I’ve seen and read many stories about bad boards I’m convinced I got two duds. If the boards that Ryan is selling will operate with dual end stops and a z probe I will consider them. Someone on here is using a v2 Skr board because I found the correct firmware here.

This is an update. I tried the third board, this time from Aliexpress. It smelled bad out of the box and my computer reported that it would not even communicate with “the unknown board”. Three times and three duds. I’m staying away from these SKR2 boards.

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