Skr v1.3 or mks sgen

Ok, so amazon has some decent deals on some 32 bit boards. I have narrowed it down to 2 of them.

The mks sgen L v1.0 32bit board, which im using on my prusa i3 reprap build and it works great

Or the skr v1.3 32 bit board

I do not need a touch screen, a standard lcd screen will be just fine, like whats on my cr10.

This is my first mpcnc build but need to stay within a budget since i am a full time areospace engineer student and this semester is tight haha


The skr pro 1.2 (with 2209 drivers) has firmware configured that Ryan has tested (and it’s on lots of builds). It is also in the shop. The skr 1.3 is an older, smaller board, but there is a configuration in MarlinBuilder releases, but it isn’t as well tested. The mks isn’t in our list of boards that we have configs for, so you’d need to take one of the ones we have and change it to match your board.

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Damn, ok, ill look for the skr pro v1.2 and see if its within budget. Thanks for info

I just looked in the git hub marlin builder page you linked me and how do i know what boards those go on? I couldn’t see where it tells me which board to use

There are just a few boards we have configs for. We don’t have a good description for them yet, but they are:

Rambo, minirambo, ramps, skr 1.3 (not pro, not turbo), skr pro, archim (but they have been giving us trouble recently).

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Ok, well, looks like i have a decision to make haha. Trying to save money for school, but also save myself the hasel of a non working config and having to do alot of configuration stuff i dont know how to do haha.

When i click on any of the versions, like the screen shot above, there is no description of what boards it has been tested on.


On that screen click where it says assets. That will show all the different configs