SKR Pro 1.2 with only 5 stepper drivers

So, my SKR Pro 1.2 board just arrived after frying my SKR 2 from a short somewhere, caused by apparently ESD (electrostatic discharge). That’s what BTT support said anyways.

That said, I only have 5 TMC2209 drivers. Do I need to change the firmware or will this just work?

I have flashed the firmware successfully and its showing TMC connection errors, to which I placed my 5 drivers into the board, still getting the same error message. I also haven’t connected it to the power supply yet, just wanted to clarify this stuff before I go and fry another board.

5 is fine. They get their power from the motor pins. So they won’t work until you connect the power supply. Make sure you aren’t powering it on top of the esd safe bag. That bag is conductive.

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Does it matter where the drivers are installed? Since we use E0 and E1 instead of Z1 do we skip that slot for the driver as well?

There is only 1 Z driver the 2 slots for Z are connected to the same driver. Don’t connect a motor there is all.

Skip E2 for extruders=0