SKR Pro 1.2 USB/microSD support for MPCNC?

I saw a few posts from 2021ish that mention it isn’t possible to read and print gcode files from the USB or microSD ports on an SKR Pro 1.2 since it wasn’t enabled yet. None of my PCs have regular SD card readers and my USB to standard SD reader is AWOL, but I have tons of USB microSD adapters.

Any chance this feature is in development or available or is it time to cough up $14 to Best Buy for a reader?

It isn’t an issue of development (good thing, It would cost much more than $14 :smile: ). Marlin lets you pick one source for the filesystem. We have it set to the microsd on the skr pro in the latest versions. You can edit the config and recompile to make the change on your system.