SKR Pro 1.2 c/w TFT35 E3V3, 5x 2209 Drivers, case, configured and ready to go


I’m selling my SKR 1.2 pro. It has all the drivers is configured and works great. I’ve only used it a couple of times before I decided I wanted to run a Mach3 configuration. The board is complete with the case and the TFT screen all configured for lowrider application. To mount it simply slides onto the x axis angle.

Located in Ontario Canada, shipping within Ontario only at this point due to… you guessed it.
Price 100.00 Cdn


If this is still around when you can ship further west, shoot me a message. I’m in Alberta

Message sent.

Money sent

i know this is a way old post , what part did you print to be able to attach it to the lowrider ?

I found a mount on thingiverse and modified it. It slides onto the V-cross rail.

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