SKR 1.4 Turbo Dual and TMC5160 driver Firmware

Hello. I am new to compiling firmware so be prepared for a lot of dumb questions in this post :slight_smile: I appreciate everyone’s posts in these forums. I recently built a primo rig and these forums made it easy! My current project is to get the BTT 1.4 Turbo with TMC5160 drivers and up and running on my primo rig (eventually wifi too). To start with a known good build, I downloaded V1CNC_SkrTurbo_Dual_2209 from here and changed the steppers from 2209 to 5160 in config.h…hit build and sucess!


During the build there are several yellow warnings. Here is one example. I"m asking for assistance with understanding what this is sayin.

Compiling .pio\build\LPC1769\src\src\gcode\sd\M20.cpp.o
In file included from Marlin\src\gcode\../inc/../pins/pins.h:903,
                 from Marlin\src\gcode\../inc/MarlinConfig.h:34,
                 from Marlin\src\gcode\queue.h:29,
                 from Marlin\src\gcode\queue.cpp:27:
Marlin\src\gcode\../inc/../pins/pins_postprocess.h:470: warning: "Z_MIN_PIN" redefined
  470 |       #define Z_MIN_PIN Z_STOP_PIN
In file included from Marlin\src\gcode\../inc/MarlinConfigPre.h:39,
                 from Marlin\src\gcode\../inc/MarlinConfig.h:28:
Marlin\src\gcode\../inc/../../Configuration.h:3341: note: this is the location of the previous definition
 3341 | #define Z_MIN_PIN P1_27

I think this is telling me that M20.cpp.o redefined the Z_MIN_PIN to P1_27? 1.27 is on the pin diagram so i think this is good to go.

Thanks again for your help! I hope to get less needy as I get some more experience with firmware. It is definitely intimidating when you first start!

Have a great rest of your day!

While compiling M20.o, it includes these files. The issue isn’t with M20.o or M20.cpp, it is in the included files (configuration.h and pins_ppstprocess.h).

It is warning you that it was redefined. That is usually a good warning. But in this case, we have some scripts that change the configuration.h and we needed to change that pin definition for the turbo. So we hacked it to put the redefinition into the configuration.h file.

You can safely ignore it. We did that on purpose.