SKR 1.2 Pro + LR - move commands

My LR is in progress of pre-cut testing and tuning and I hit some weird issue.
After homing (or powering on) XN/YN/ZN command in terminal doesn’t work until I move one of axis using “Movement” menu.


  1. Home the machine
  2. “terminal” → Y2500 → Send
  3. “Unknown command Y2500”
  4. “Movement” → “Move Y+” by 0.1 mm “Move Y-” by 0.1 mm
  5. “Terminal” → Y2500 → Send
  6. Moves to Y2500!

Firmware is the one from v1e with tiny modifications (like inverting axis and changes of drivers).
Did someone else hit this issue? Is it bug or feature? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of the exact commands being sent, but the commands you are sending are not valid g-code commands. For movement you need to use G0 or G1. So, in the terminal, your movement should be:

G0 Y2500 F1000

G0 and G1 operate the same. G0 is usually used for rapid (non-cutting) moves, and G1 is used for cutting moves. The ‘F’ specifies the feedrate (speed) of the movement. If you don’t have a ‘F’ parameter, the machine will move at the last set feedrate.

Note that, by default, your machine is in absolute mode. Your G0 and G1 commands, in absolute mode, will move to the specified position relative to home. You can put your machine in relative mode by sending a G91. In relative mode, movements are relative to the current position, so a G0 Y100 F1000 will move your machine 100 up on the Y from the current position. You can switch back to absolute mode using G90.

Thanks. It explains the mystery. Probably Marlin executes previous command (G0 send by “Movement” button) with new argument. Not very obvious behavior but at least not such a mystery.