SKR 1.2 Flashing issue

I tried uploading new firmware to the SKR 1.2 board and got the ‘printer not connected’ message.

Firmware wouldn’t flash from the microSD (the firmware.bin never changed to firmware.cur)

I ended up borrowing a ST-Link from a friend and reloading the bootloader, and now I can connect and move the steppers from the Touchscreen side, however the marlin/control knob side seems to be stuck with this;

I’m thinking I might just use the TFT side (I think the marlin read from SD Card got removed from an update anyways…)

More or less posting to say that the fix was to reload the bootloader.

EDIT: It’s all working again! I just forgot to plug in the grey cables!


Don’t feel bad. I did that too during my build.

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I think it moved to the slot on the skr pro.