Skim board for my niece Input and ideas welcome

I am going to try and use the lr3 and make a simple skim board for my nieces Bday. i have picked up some good one side 1/2 plywood. They didnt have good both sides. its actually pretty decent. So here is my plan as of now lol
Choose one of the designs i have made or alter one if someone has advice. I have only made Fish wake surf boards before out of EPS and Epoxy.
I was going to soak the nose and add some rake to it as well as the tail ( i know the from is needed but i am not sure of the tail if it should be as well.
The niece is 5’2" and about 100 lbs so i was going to go somewhere around 4’ and some wehre between 30-40 " wide.
this is a ratio as each design has different lengths to width.
I was going to paint it in acrylic white, then epoxy coat it, i have some nice light weight fiberglass i could add a layer to top possibly.
Any ways i know there is some surf dudes on here and a whole bunch of brilliant minds so just bouncing some ideas. I am going to be hopefully cutting it in a couple hours. also i was wondering about machining some designs in but that would take the stregth away. also thought about doing some minor cross thatching for some grip on the top.
skim fish 2 -Body.dxf (5.0 KB)
skim fish-Body.dxf (5.0 KB)
skim board-BodySketch.dxf (8.4 KB)
Plan would be to use it to skim surf and also wake surf.

Skim fish 2


Skim fish

I used to make skim boards for the Ocean type skim. I was never sure about the shape and did not want to pay for a fancy epoxy one so I would slap on a bottom layer of melemine/counter material. Super fast and easy. Let you try a bunch of shapes and sizes and lasts a while.

Maybe try that find a good size and shape then make a fancy glasses one?

I was always worried I would get a nice one and rip it open on a rock.

Ohhh neat I never even thought of that.
I have a bunch of west systems epoxy that is starting to yellow up on me so I want to try and use it before it totally goes :(.
And the shapes are endless I mean there is so many lol.
If it turns into a tank I guess it could be a wall hanger for her too haha. Thanks for input I thought i read you surfed.
I guess being on the west coast it’s almost a must.
Just by visual do you have a shape that I uploaded you like or think would be better ?
And I saw some ppl putting relief cuts on the nose are to help with a more progressive rake have you ever done something like that. To me that’s the danger stress area zone but I am super noob to this.
Also I have never used was for traction any input there would be tremendous.

And I also know you are so super busy so don’t put time into my silly little project.

Mine always looked a bit like your skim with bit harder edged tail. You need some curve in the nose but not too much. Some fancy ones used to be super curved, like elf shoes, but I think that was sort of a trademark (like piersons arrow surfboards).

Really you can’t go wrong. People used to skim circles. The shape only really comes into play inf you get out into a wave and turn around and surf the shorebreak. That is when you actually need a tail shape.

I used to just ride straight into them and launch, try to do cool flips and stuff. Or just shoveits and spins (when there was no surf). Landed on my head in 4" of water after a front flip and a half and thought for sure I broke my neck…didn’t skim nearly as much after that :grin:.

Well that’s pretty cool to hear I had a couple issues with my feeds and speeds but I got the fish cut out. So much fun!!!
I have not had the pleasure to surf a actual natural wave before :(.
One day I will for sure, I guess the whole skim thing is in the shallows so you have to really watch and be careful !!

So much nicer to just be able to g28 and carry on at the start after a mistake etc.

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Neat natural color

Nice edge I think


Here’s mine from sometime in the early 1960’s. Those are my cousin’s feet. 30" diameter (before Australia went metric) and 3/8" ply. The production ones were 28" and the difference in performance from the extra area on this was astonishing! This thing did a lot of miles!

Thanks for the memories! :smiley:

Now I have to put everything back in the storage cupboard - and I’ll hang this on the shed wall.


Oh man that’s sooo cool is it like a bit of a bowl ?
It’s hard to see in the pic looks like it was so much fun.

So freaking cool!

Had to pull out the Japanese plane aka Mitsubishi zero lol.
Did some rail shaping and soaked it and have it being intricately clamped.
I am wondering if I should add a layer of fibreglass cloth to the top. The bottom is so nice and flat I don’t want to mess with it just flood coat it. So indecisive
Also I hate the nose and I think I will blunt it off


No shape at all, just a flat disc. It was very fast in the thinnest water you could find, not at all steerable though, and no chance of a re-entry off a wave!

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Silly updates and I should probably move this to the things you have built spot.
I added one sheet of cloth to the top.

Also I am old
And trying to fit the 20yr vibe lmao sorry for the fowl language


Tonight’s job will be attempting to Cnc some foam track pad for a grip top.
I wish I could figure out 2.5d carv so I could take this 6mm pleeted Eva marine foam and make a kind of tapered heel grip. This is the design I am going to try. I might just knock 3mm off the front section and leave the back full 6mm
Maybe do some cross cuts to step it up.

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I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that would be dead simple in KiriMoto - just import the STL, hit “countour” and lie back and think of England! :wink:

I am forever curious about how we all think so differently - numbers and code confuse me endlessly, but give me a bit of graphics and some WSYWG software and the world is my oyster!