Skill_cap's first build (Texas)

Hello everyone, glad to be part of the community.

I came across this project in early March when looking for things to keep me occupied during the pandemic. At the time, I didn’t have a 3D printer, prior electronics experience, coding experience, or much $. What I did have plenty of time.

So, I began my journey by ordering a 3d printer (ender 3 pro) for price/value/upgrades but mostly because it had youtube tutorials. After several months of tinkering with my 3D printer, I am ready to spread my tinker-wings.

Today I officially begin printing my #MPCNC PRIMO. Look forward to struggling through this awesome learning process with y’all.



Welcome to the clubhouse! We’ll try not to wake your SO/kids/dog/neighbors when we come over for the initiation rites, but no promises, the goat gets noisy sometimes. :goat: :baphomet: :pentacle: :magic_circle: Man, we need a serious upgrade to the emoticons…

Anyway, we can’t wait to see pictures of your progress, and laugh with/near/at you when finally double check your grub screws and find out that’s why you were having issues.

Amazing to me how many of us follow exactly that path. Except the goats. That’s just @kvcummins.


I fell down the rabbit hole when I was on a sick leave last year. Had to find something else to keep my mind on. For me it was successful! Now life is looking good and I’m enjoy this glorious hobby. You can surely say that the pandemic has been a stressful time, for many many people. Glad to hear that this place can be of joy to you!

(I started what a loousy second hand ender 3 pro. Gave me tons of headache, but in retrospect I’m glad, it taught me a lot)

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Welcome to the addiction!
What part of Texas?
I’m in north Texas, Farmersville.

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The ended 3 pro has helped me get comfortable with the basics and just this weekend finally upgraded firmware and no touch.

I’m stoked to have this new hobby and it’s a nice, healthy one.


Houston, Texas

I’m pretty well obsessed at this point :slight_smile:

First leg… went to test out the steel pipe and it’s 1/16” too small…better stated, the pipe is a little over 1" and is too big. The print out came out beautifully.

… anyone know why it may be smaller? Do you think its just the pipe? Im going to go look tomorrow for other pipe, as I think this is the culprit. Print Wall count is at 4… did I add too many walls?

Dang it… 5hr print x 2 … maybe Ill wait till tomorrow to check pipe at the store. Thoughts/solutions welcome :slight_smile:

PS (edit) just measured inner diameter of the leg and its spot-on for 1" … must be the pipe thickness is too thick

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If you got 1" conduit from the hardware store, it’s the wrong size. You need 1" tube, which lowes or home depot type stores don’t really carry.


thanks Barry, I thought so. I will go tomorrow to a specialty store and look for 1" and take the #D printed piece for verification

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96%, do you think it’ll make it?

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HTown here too.

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I realized on the small prints that the pieces were getting squished…couldnt figure out why. I had messed around with Marlin before starting this project and neglected to print ALL my pieces with no fan :hot_face: :disappointed_relieved: :sob:

I guess Ill have to re-print the small pieces and see how the larger ones fare…FML

Box arrived a few days ago and just got back in town. I cannot wait for this weekend!! And maybe next as well. I am going to begin the firmware process tomorrow while I wait for my tubing to arrive!


FYI, Ryan’s boards come flashed. So you shouldn’t need to worry about the firmware.

Is that a Mardi Gras build, or are you an LSU fan? :wink:

unfortunately, he was sold out when I bought the Rambo 1.4, so I still have to go through the process. Been practicing on my ender 3 tho (and messing with marlin) in preparation for this build.

fraternity colors lol … but all the above are A-OK in my book :slight_smile:

Hrmm… it’s foggy, so I don’t remember the colors that well… ΔΓ? :rofl: (I’m ΑΤΩ, La. ΖΧ)

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Fun weekend build. I’ve been preparing to build this machine for months. Tomorrow I cut the lead screw (kinda nervous about it) down and assemble the remainder of the core.
Then off the the firmware & wiring. (Next weekend). You’ll see me on here more as I wade into deeper unknown waters.

The community has been awesome and I’ve been able to work through a lot because of it! Thanks everyone