Site login issue

Ryan, I never got an email confirmation on my order. I tried to log in to the Shop site to check my status, but my credentials aren’t working. I tried to reset my password, but every email address I try I get “No account found with that email.” So I guess I fat fingered my email address when I created the account? Any way that can be fixed?

The emails seem to match. Your order says delivered.

I can check again when I get back to a computer if you would like.

Just got home and did indeed have the package waiting on me! Thanks for the fast shipping! I wasn’t concerned or anything. I was spending the day with my dad today for his 72nd birthday and was telling him about the LowRider project and thought to check on the status. I still can’t get logged in to the shop site, but that’s not an issue just yet. I’ll revisit that if I ever need to place another order.


I just double checked and it is the same email you are registered here with. Let me know if you have issue if you ever shop here again and we can do something about it.

I do have a small order I’d like to place. I still couldn’t log in to the site or have it reset my password. I did find my order confirmation and shipping emails in spam, so I even copied my email address directly from the confirmation email, but when I tried the password reset option, it just says “No account found with that email.” Before I bothered you, I just tried to create a new account with the same email address. That worked, and it even has my previous order in my order history.

There are two site log in’s, this side with the forums, and the shop. They are both separate.

This has come up a few times yesterday, it has been solved with a different browser login. They must have changed there security certificate or something. So maybe even try a F5.