Sisyphus Industries Contest

Another sisyphus design contest. Deadline is Oct 16th. Voting starts the 18th.

There are 4 ($1500) tables up for grabs. They sent me one after the last contest (even though you all pushed me to runner up, I didn’t win). I may be submitting something, but I will not be begging for votes this time.

The patterns need to be in thr format. With polar limits. They need to start and end at the center or outside.


Did you win?

Sort of. I like the winning patterns, but I didn’t enter.

I thought you might have entered under a fake name. I searched but didn’t see THE El Jeffe…so I thought you might have gone further undercover.

I meant to. I wanted to put in a little effort and create some basic sandify patterns. But there was a lot of sandify involved anyway. Very nice to see.

Here are the parameters for my design entry, Trilobe…

; Layer:
; Shape: Circle
; Name: circle
; Number of lobes: 3
; Direction: clockwise
; Visible: true
; Initial width: 188
; Initial height: 188
; X offset: 0
; Y offset: 0
; Rotate (degrees): 0
; Reverse path: false
; Number of loops: 640
; When transforming shape: smear
; Scale: false
; Spin: true
; Spin (+/-): 1.125
; Spin by: constant
; Switchbacks: 0
; Track: true
; Track size: 61
; Track length: -16.1
; Number of loops at each track position: 1
; Scale track: false
; Fine tuning:
; Connect to next layer: line
; Draw portion of path (%): 100
; Backtrack at end (%): 0
; Rotate starting point (%): 0


And a timelapse…


I love that! I have never thought to make it an animation(?)!

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Yeah. It doesn’t look like much in the preview window of sandify, but it sure looks nice on a table.

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